It's January.
Happy New Year!
The month of new beginnings and ending old bad habits (at least giving it a good go to leave them in 2021). When January rolls around we all have a desire to become better versions of ourselves whether it be renewing your gym membership, partaking in dry January or even for a lot of us becoming vegan-curious.
Veganuary has become so popular over the last few years, all the supermarkets start releasing more amazing meat-free options - as a vegetarian, this is great news but why not go the full (meatless) hog!
Whilst researching more into the world of veganism, being vegan or even simply reducing your intake of animal products doesn't only save animals lives, it also has a massive environmental impact too.
We are extremely passionate here at Tide + Seek about looking after the world we live in. And when you do more research into the effects that animal products have on our planet, your eyes really open up to the problem.
In our lives, we have heard that cow farming causes a large number of harmful gases which damage the ozone layer however, according to research from Oxford University, 73% of worldwide carbon footprint is made by the meat and dairy industry! Which is outrageous and very alarming.
Another shocking figure is from The United Nations who estimates that up to 95% of global ocean damage is a direct result of bottom trawling. The fishing technique of bottom trawling is scooping up fish from the bottom of the ocean which stirs up the seabed, damaging coral reefs and overfishing.
A great documentary that blew up on everyone's social media last year called 'Seaspiracy' covered the hard details of fishing on our oceans, if you haven't already seen it we highly recommend it.
In turn, overfishing affects our Ecosystem just like the dwindling numbers of bee's polluting our plants and trees in our rainforest. All of this comes back to the increasing volume of the meat and dairy industry.

Giving up your favourite cheesy, meaty pizza might seem hard at the beginning but why not use this month to discover new exciting meals!
Experiment with all the wonders of tofu, chickpeas and lentils. There are so many incredible cook books, youtube videos and tiktoks about yummy vegan recipes and 9 times out of 10, they are healthier for you.
Alternatively get down to your local supermarket and discover all the vegan junk food you could dream of! It's surprising how many of your everyday snacks and treats are actually vegan for example Oreo's, just dip them in a cold glass of oat milk instead of cow milk.
You also might find some vegan alternatives are tastier than the non vegan variety and even after January, you'll keep reaching for that brand.
Simply reducing your intake of animal products helps the planet at the end of the day.
The amazing company who pended the term 'Veganuary' have an amazing campaign to help against the crisis of climate change - donate to the cause and sign up to the program.
Whatever amount of money you donate to them, they match! How fantastic is that.