The wonderful world of surfing may be the fountain of youth we have all been looking for. As you may have noticed surfers don't seem to age! 


Many studies have shown the incredible benefits surfing has on not just our physical health, but it has a massive positive impact on our mental health. The list of brilliant things which come along with practising the sport is endless!


We have read many studies, including one from The Wave, Better Health and even the BBC to find out more about these amazing benefits. And we have put together what we believe are the top five reasons surfing would benefit anyone's lives for the better.

Benefit No.1

Improves mental Health 




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Mental health is key!


Here at Tide + Seek we are all about self-love and taking care of our own beings. Over anything, mental well-being should always be the top priority. Nevertheless, in modern-day life, we are constantly bombarded with stress and never having time to switch off from the world. With social media, relationships, money, health and politics coming at us from all angles, life can seem very loud.


Although, when you are surfing, you are gifted with a moment of zen (or in some cases, it may feel a bit more like you are in a washing machine) the point is that it’s just you, your board and the ocean. It takes up your full attention, all your focus and concentration letting the stress from day-to-day life wash away with the waves.


You have a purpose, a passion to wake up for, to breathe, to smile for! And always setting goals for yourself to get better and improve on your skills.


 All-in-All improving your mental health! 



Benefit No.2

Daily Dose of Vitamin D



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Vitamin D is absolutely delightful!


Nothing is better than a day in the sea with the sun kissing your skin, giving you your daily dose of vitamin D. It improves your immune system and helps the calcium in your blood that in turn aids healthy bones.


You'll also get a lusciously golden tan, and we can't complain about that!


Benefit No.3

Skin And Hair Health



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Everyone loves a salty haired beach babe!


The saltwater not only naturally gives you luscious wavey hair but also naturally detoxes your hair from any chemicals, hair products and air pollution from your daily life. On top of  that, the salt crystals in the sea are filled with vitamins and minerals that exfoliate your skin. This is amazing for any scarring or blemishes and also leaving your scalp oh-so-smooth!


So, no need to buy it in a bottle, save some money and jump into the sea!


Benefit No.4

Improves Strength and Balance



 Standing up on your surfboard is all about balance. . It takes a while to get the hang of it but be patient and enjoy the fun of, falling off and getting back up again. It’s all a sign of improvement which is what we love to see! Improving your balance aids you in your day to day life unknowingly. 


Not only that, but surfing builds muscle. Not just in your arms, but almost all your muscles get used, especially in your upper body and legs! It is a fantastic workout of your core. Who really needs the gym when you live near a beach! Each surf is like a full body work out; you are creating a stronger and healthier body every time.


Benefit No.5

Finding Your Tribe





Finding your own tribe is so important and nowadays is very hard to do. As life doesn’t always throw you into many situations with like-minded people with the same interests as you.


However, when you pull up into a car park at the beach, you are bound to find a surfer just like you, with the same passion for the sea as you. Unlike other sports, you always have an opportunity to talk to someone new, whether it be asking to borrow some wax or crashing into someone in the sea. The conversation is effortless, making it a lot easier to create tremendous and life-long friendships.

It's time to pack your bags, grab your favourite bikinis, and embark on an unforgettable girls' trip to Dubai!

As you plan to soak up the sun in this opulent desert oasis, you'll want to know where to rock your swimwear and what rules to follow for a fabulous and worry-free time.

Dubai, a jewel in the desert, is a city known for its lavish lifestyle, incredible architecture, and shimmering coastlines. When you're planning a visit to this iconic city, you can't help but wonder about the rules and trends surrounding swimwear.

Don't fret; we're here to spill the sandy secrets of where to don your swimsuit and the rules to follow when splashing around in this vibrant oasis, filled with glitz, glam, and sandy shores

Guidelines on Swimwear in Dubai (Do's and Don'ts)

When you're ready to hit the beaches in Dubai, there are a few things to know to make sure you have a blast and show some respect. It doesn't matter if you're a local or just visiting, these tips will help you rock your beach time in this lively city.


  • Wear a Cover-Up Outside the Water: While your swimwear is appropriate at the beach and by the pool, it's courteous to put on a stylish cover-up, beach dress, or tunic when you're not in the water.
  • Check Beach Rules: Different beaches may have varying rules, especially private beach clubs. Always check the specific rules and dress codes for the beach you plan to visit.
  • Respect Local Customs: Dubai is a culturally diverse city with a mix of local and expatriate residents. Be respectful of local customs and traditions by dressing modestly when outside the beach areas.


  • Avoid Topless or Nude Sunbathing: In Dubai, it's not acceptable to go topless or engage in nude sunbathing in public areas - it's actually illegal!
  • Don't Wear Revealing Swimwear Outside the Beach: While bikinis and stylish swimwear are appropriate at the beach, it's best to avoid wearing them in public areas like malls or restaurants.
  • Don't Forget Sun Protection: While not directly related to swimwear, it's essential to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the intense Dubai sun.

Where to go and what to wear:

Look No.1 - Relaxed Day at the Hotel Pool:

For a super chill day at the hotel pool, grab those comfy Cosmic Bolt high-waisted bikini bottoms; they're great for giving you a stylish and comfortable fit with a bit more coverage. Then, mix and match with the Cosmic Bolt triangle plunge bikini top that's got that flattering plunging neckline. It'll keep you feeling supported and looking fab.

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Look No.2 - Taking it to the Beach!

For a fantastic day at the beach, embrace a simple yet stylish look. Start with the stunning Holo Daze classic cut swimsuit, a one-piece that combines classic design with holographic accents, offering both style and great coverage for your beach adventures.

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Look No.2 - Seeking some Thrill! Time for Water Sports:

When it's time for some thrilling water sports, you'll want a look that combines style and functionality. Get ready with the Gone Wild surf bralette bikini top and the matching classic bikini bottoms.

The surf bralette top offers the support and freedom of movement you need for active water sports, while the classic bikini bottoms provide comfort and coverage. This dynamic duo not only keeps you secure during all your exciting water adventures but also ensures you're doing it in style

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