In the world of surfing, snorkelling and sea swimming there's one item that has become an absolute game-changer - swim leggings! Gone are the days of suffering from badly sunburnt legs, tears, and the dreaded enforced non-surf days on tropical surf trips. Thanks to these versatile and stylish pieces of clothing, we can now surf with confidence and comfort in a variety of situations. 

If you're still not convinced of the magic of swim leggings, let us, the devoted swim leggings evangelists, lay it all out for you.

5 Reasons to Pack Swim Leggings for your Next Surf Retreat!

1. Sun Protection is Key!

If you're one to hit the waves in a bikini or swimsuit and have fair skin, you're familiar with the scorching pain of sunburn on the backs of your legs. This painful experience can ruin your surf trip, especially if it happens in the first few days. Don't take the risk; start your surf session in some leggings and let your skin gradually adjust to the glorious sun exposure.

2. Ultimate Multi-Purpose Travel Leggings.

Our swim leggings are more than just protection from the sun. They're the ultimate multi-purpose travel pant. Whether you're on a long flight, exploring local towns, covering up when visiting cultural sights, attending yoga classes, or seeking refuge from an overzealous air conditioner, one pair of swim leggings can cover all these bases and barely take up any space in your bag. Amazing, right? 

3. The Superheroes of Board Rash Prevention

Surf leggings act as superheroes when it comes to preventing board rash. They protect your knees, thighs, inner thighs, and anywhere else your delicate legs might rub against the surfboard and wax. Pro tip: make sure there's no sand inside your leggings to avoid turning them into extra sandpaper – you'll thank us later!

4. Looking Good and Feeling Comfy

While surfing is ultimately about the joy of riding the waves, it's also nice to feel stylish and comfortable. Swim leggings offer the best of both worlds. They not only keep you looking good but also provide the comfort you need, so you can strut your stuff on the beach without having to wear just a bikini.

5. Reef Protection and More

While they may not turn you into an invincible force against the reef, thin lycra leggings can help ward off minor scrapes and cushion the blow if you find yourself tumbling around in reefy waters. They might also provide some protection against sea lice, jellyfish stings, and other underwater nuisances.

In conclusion, swim leggings have truly revolutionised the way we approach surfing. They offer sun protection, versatility, rash prevention, modesty, comfort, reef protection, and even a chance to shine in front of the camera. So, before your next surf adventure, make sure to pack your trusty swim leggings – you won't want to surf without them!