The awkward time between Christmas and New Year is over and the January blues are kicking in and all that is on our minds is, hmm where shall I book to jet off to next? And how soon can I go?!

With the long countdown to longer and warmer days starting now, some of us really have the itch to get some winter sun.

And we have some ideas to help scratch that itch!  You will be surprised how many of these stunning locations are within Europe. Take your pick of where you can either have some your well earned relaxation or be adventurous in your best travelling friend - TIDE + SEEK swimwear!

Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear travel blog post - image of sunny one of the Canary Islands with clear bright blue water surrounding the town on the island.

Location No. 1: Canary Islands -


🌡️ Average Temp Jan/Feb: 21°C 

Escape from the cold English winters by jetting off to the Canary Islands this January. With it being just off the coast of West Africa, the Islands offer beautiful sunny warm weather all year round.

Out of all of Europe, the Canary Islands have the best winter weather and you can expect the most winter sun in Tenerife and Gran Canaria.  However, the temperatures are very similar throughout the islands. It is the perfect amount of heat to enjoy lots of fun activities other than sunbathing!

Great for all budgets - January is part of the low season for tourism in the Canary Islands, meaning that not only will the islands be quieter, it will also be cheaper to visit.

Treat yourself to a more luxury day trip in Bahai Del Duque for a relaxing spa day.

Or if you are feeling adventurous book a hiking trip with Mckenzie Mountaineering and take in the beautiful nature the Canary Islands has to offer.

Location No. 2: Madeira -


🌡️ Average Temp Jan/Feb: 18ºC

Madeira is ready for you to holiday to whenever you are free!

With the pleasant Mediterranean climate and the mountain range located in the center of the island, preventing the bad weather coming from reaching coastal areas, Madeira benefits from beautiful weather not only during Spring and Summer but also in Winter months.

Winter daytime temperatures of between 18ºC and 22ºC and 12 hours of daylight, allowing you to fully experience the lovely island lifestyle.

If you want to surf or learn to surf, Winter is considered one of the best times to surf in Madeira. The water temperature is ideal and the waves are pumping.

Head to the remote beach of Porto Da Cruz with Madeira Surf Camp to relax in nature, meet new friends and catch some waves - especially good for surfing newbies.

Tide and Seek Travel Blog Post about budget holidays for winter sun - image of Madeira from birds eye view with rows of houses and greenery surrounding a harbour full of boats and clear water.
Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear travel blog post about budget friendly holidays for winter sun - Image of a sandy beach in Sri Lanka with beautiful green palm trees and rocky terrain

Location No.3 : Sri Lanka


🌡️ Average Temp Jan/Feb: 27°C

Jump start the year with good times and tan lines in Sri Lanka this January. Europe winter happens to fall in the dry season for Sri Lanka, you can expect glorious sunshine and low risks of rain. The new year is an ideal time to visit this country. 

Staying in Sri Lanka is perfect for all budgets, from breathtaking 5-star resorts and Airbnbs to budget lodges and homestays. Your main expense will be your flights as the average spend per day (per person) is £20-£40.

January is also a great time to explore Colombo, one of the largest cities and is home to several beautiful temples, and is blessed with a vast variety of restaurants, bars, and cafés.

If you're in the capital, defiently try some classic Sri Lankan foods, such as hoppers and kottu roti!

One of the best things to do in Sri Lanka in January is visit a wildlife sanctuaries. The most famous among them is the Yala National Park. At the Yala National Park, you can take a wildlife safari to see elephants, Magul Maha Viharaya, and Sithulpawwa, an ancient rock temple.

A hidden gem is Banyan Camp at the Udawalawe National Park.

For surfing check out our friends at Ticket To Ride Surf House and The Doctors House.

Popular spots are still worth booking in advance as Sri Lanka is still a very sort after destination in January and February. 

Location No. 4 : Seville


🌡️ Average Temp Jan/Feb: 16°C

Spain enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, but in the beginning of January there is the odd chill that can be felt in the air. Despite all this, the temperatures are still regularly reaching 19 or 20 degrees at the start of the year!

Whilst it is still a marked improvement on the cold winters seen outside of the Mediterranean, especially the UK, you might want to think twice about attempting to sunbathe. But worry not! The cooler temperatures makes it the perfect for sightseeing and there is plenty to see and do in Seville.

Endulge in the incredible food Seville has to offer or head to the museums rich in culture, even pop on your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor in a flamenco class!

Check out Pura Vida Terraza to experince all three of Seville wonders in one vibrant atmosphere with cocktails flowing, flamenco dancing and devine tapas all whilist overlooking the breathtaking historic build of La Giralda.

Spring and summer are peak season in Seville, you'll fine that in the winter months such as January and February is much less busy.

Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear travel blog post about budget friendly holidays for winter sun - image of a grand building in Seville, Spain with large fountain reflecting street lamps of the surface water
Tide and Seek Sustainable Swimwear Travel Blog Post about Budget Friendly Holidays for winter sun - image of a white sanded beach in Barbados with blue sky and crystal clear rolling waves.

Location No. 5: Barbados


🌡️ Average Temp Jan/Feb: 26°C

You may have to be in the air for 9 hours but it'll be an unforgettable trip that's definitely worth the flight.

With pearlescent white beaches and warm waters, Barbados has it all for a relaxing vacation with the laidback lifestyle. 

Expect high temperature of 29°C in January in Barbados, plus there is very little chance of rain during this month. It also helps that there won't be much humidity, so you won't feel sweaty when you walk around all day long! You'll be surfing the perfect longboard waves at Freights or sunbathing on the beach in your sustainable TIDE + SEEK bikini with cocktail in hand accompanied by the mouth watering smell of a tropical BBQ filling the air.

If you aren't looking for chilled vibes 24/7, this Caribbean island has an amazing party scene too with lively nightlife, from high-energy nightclubs to thriving local pubs and bars. When the sun goes down, Barbados wakes up! Time to dance the night away.

For places to stay check out The Eco Lifetysle Lodge and if its surfing and making new friends that you are after join our friends at Women + Waves Barbados.

 Don't forget to pack you're TIDE + SEEK before jetting off!