As the festive season approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to the spirit of giving.

This Christmas, let's channel that spirit in a way that not only spreads cheer but also makes a meaningful impact on our small businesses. In a world dominated by big-box retailers and e-commerce giants, there's something truly special about supporting independent brands.

Join us on this journey of festive giving and discover how you can play a role in fostering a vibrant, diverse, and resilient local economy this holiday season with our list of unique British brands.

1. ILK AND ERNIE - Colourful Clothing

ILK AND ERNIE, the go-to fashion haven for those in the know, prides itself on infusing every wardrobe with a dash of personality, all while staying committed to sustainable practices. With a conscientious approach to fashion, the brand ensures that each piece is not just an outfit but a statement in environmental responsibility.

In the world of ILK AND ERNIE, fashion is not a one-size-fits-all affair. It's a vibrant spectrum of choices, where every individual can find their unique flair. The brand effortlessly blends trendsetting designs with a touch of playfulness, creating an atmosphere where fashion becomes an extension of your personality.

From casual cool to chic elegance, the brand curates its offerings with a keen eye on reducing its environmental footprint. Recycled materials, ethical sourcing, and eco-conscious manufacturing are seamlessly integrated into their design philosophy.

So, whether you're strutting into a meeting or dancing the night away at your Christmas do, let ILK AND ERNIE be your style companion, because in their world, fashion is not only a celebration of individuality but also a commitment to a more sustainable future.

2. Ocelot - Chocolate

Meet Ocelot, the chocolate wizard that turns every sweet tooth's dreams into reality! With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and ethically sourced ingredients, Ocelot has established itself as a beacon of excellence in the world of gourmet chocolate.

The packaging itself is a work of art, reflecting the brand's dedication to aesthetic excellence. Each bar tells a story, from the origin of the cacao to the meticulous production process. Ocelot's commitment to transparency extends beyond the ingredients, offering chocolate enthusiasts a glimpse into the journey of their delectable creations.

Share the Ocelot experience with someone in you life this Christmas, with so many delectable flavours to choice from why not go the full hog and gift the Ocelot Library of 8 Chocolate bars, presented in a beautiful tactile navy blue case including festive flavours like Eggnog and Blood Orange.

3. Nikura - Essential Oils

Introducing Nikura, where the aromatic wonders of essential oils come to life! Nikura isn't just a brand; it's a sensory journey that invites you to explore the world of natural fragrance and well-being.

Established in 2016, Nikura stands as a family-owned business based in the UK, with founders who have consistently prioritized wellness and ethical values in every aspect of their operations. Their commitment extends from crafting vegan-friendly products to ensuring customer satisfaction accompanies every order.

Within the expansive range of Nikura's offerings, including essential oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils, and more, the emphasis is not only on self-care but also on the boundless creativity that each bottle inspires. They're about creating a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit. Each bottle is a carefully crafted potion, capturing the essence of nature's most therapeutic elements. 

Discover an array of festive gift box choices on their website, or tailor a unique assortment of oils to perfectly match the preferences of your special someone.

4.Tropical Additions - Superfood Blends

For the health and wellness enthusiast in your life, consider gifting them a transformative experience with Tropical Additions' innovative line of superfood powders. As a newcomer in the health industry, Tropical Additions has unveiled two extraordinary blends, Flower Power and Glow Getter, meticulously crafted from nutrient-dense ingredients. These powders are designed to cater to specific health goals, whether it's boosting energy, promoting radiant skin, or enhancing cognitive function.

Tropical Additions is on a mission to revolutionize nutrition, encouraging a shift in the way people approach their well-being. Recognizing the challenges of maintaining a balanced diet in today's fast-paced lifestyle, they've ingeniously formulated these superfood powders. Gift your loved one the convenience of incorporating health-boosting nutrients effortlessly into their daily routine – a mere 1-2 teaspoons blended into a morning smoothie, stirred into yogurt, mixed into a healthy juice, or even blended with nut milk for a comforting latte.

With Tropical Additions, you're not just offering a gift; you're presenting a holistic approach to wellness that's as delightful as it is nourishing.

5. Miss Pom Pom - Scarfs 

Inspired by the Memphis design movement and fuelled by a love for knits, Miss Pompom embarked on its journey by infusing vibrant hues and modern geometric patterns into big reversible scarves, marking the beginning of several successful winter seasons.

The launch of their first collection of organic cotton pieces in June 2020, amidst the pandemic, was met with resounding success. From loose-fitting jumpsuits to dresses and pull-on trousers, each piece draws inspiration from nature, crafted with the intention of bringing joy to those who wear them.

At the heart of Miss Pompom is a commitment to sustainability and traceability. For winter knitwear, Miss Pompom collaborates with a small family-run factory in Istanbul, Turkey, shipping their creations by eco-friendly means to the UK. With each stitch, print, and design, Miss Pompom weaves a narrative of conscious fashion, proving that style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

6. Love & Honour - Home Decor

Nestled in the picturesque town of Falmouth, Cornwall, Love & Honour is a visual wonderland, a treasure trove brimming with delightful trinkets perfect for the gift-giving season. Whether you explore their online offerings or step into the enchanting store, you'll find everything from charming flower arrangements to delectable food treats and one-of-a-kind home decor.

Adding to the allure is Love & Honour's stunning collaboration with Ofelia Botella, an incredibly talented watercolour artist renowned for her beautiful and delicate wedding stationery featured in Vogue. Together, they've crafted a range of tea towels, linen napkins, and tablecloths that exude elegance while bursting with personality. It's a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality, inviting you to infuse your home with both style and grace.

7. Loveday Distilling - Alcohol 

Made by 2 childhood friends, Chloe and Daisy, whose shared passion for flavour and a collective two decades of culinary and design expertise led them on quest for delightful, vibrant sips. Emerging gradually since 2020 amid lockdowns, babies, coffee rituals, sea swims, and G&Ts, Loveday found its roots in the charming town of Penryn in South Cornwall.

Fuelled by a dissatisfaction with sickly and harsh flavour profiles and a weariness of clichéd branding, the founders of Loveday embarked on a mission to redefine the experience of gin and now branching into rum. They sought a space where craftsmanship, modern design, and irresistibly delicious distillations could coalesce seamlessly.

At Loveday, the focus is on sustainability, utilizing fresh and foraged ingredients to craft spirits meant for slow, unhurried get-togethers with cherished company. The ethos is simple: to serve up something darn good and enjoyable, creating moments that linger in the memory. Perfect for a delightful present with their wonderfully crafted tasting sets.

8. Altitude Coffee London - Coffee

The founder of Altitude Coffee London, Joe, besides his love for coffee, Joe is passionate about aviation (hence the name!). Throughout his career as a pilot, he made it a mission to discover the finest coffee in every destination he explored.

The brand's mission is clear: to seek out exceptional coffees, expertly roast them, and deliver the goodness directly to you. 

Committed to a greener world, Altitude Coffee London goes the extra mile in environmental consciousness. Recycling coffee waste isn't just a practice for them; it's a commitment to sustainability. By sending coffee waste to local farms, they play a part in nurturing organic fruit and vegetable crops, creating a harmonious cycle of growth.

But it doesn't stop there. The brand embraces eco-friendly solutions with bags crafted from plant starch, ensuring a fully compostable product that leaves no trace. Yes, that includes the zip lock and air valve too!

We all have a coffee obsesser on our Christmas gift list and Altitude Coffee has a blend or two they'd adore!

 9. Junk Jewels - Jewellery

Owned by two sisters, Zoe and Mollie, the creative minds behind Junk Jewels passionately craft fun and playful jewellery, breaking free from limitations tied to a particular woman, style, or budget. Their commitment to accessibility is a guiding principle, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the joy of unique adornments.

Junk Jewels doesn't just create jewellery; they inspire a mindset. Encouraging their customers to revel in the playful art of personal expression, the brand invites individuals to embrace their own distinct style. Each piece becomes a canvas, a layering of memories, occasions, and stories waiting to be told. The ethos of Junk Jewels lies in fostering a connection between the wearer and their jewellery, transforming each piece into a symbol of personal narrative and self-celebration. And what better gift is there than that! 


10.The Completist - Planners & Calendars 

Step into the vibrant world of The Completist, a brand that breathes life into stationery and paper goods with a bold and contemporary flair. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Marko and Jana, The Completist is a testament to their shared passion for design and commitment to sustainability. From eye-catching greeting cards to stylish notebooks and art prints, every piece is a celebration of colour and pattern.

What sets The Completist apart is not just the visual appeal but also the eco-conscious ethos ingrained in their production process. Utilizing responsibly sourced materials and environmentally friendly practices, The Completist crafts stationery that not only makes a statement but also respects the planet. Each item tells a story of creativity, quality, and a dedication to making the world a little brighter, one beautifully designed piece at a time.

Give the gift of organisation and forward thinking to a planner lover or to someone that could really benefit from a fun and inspiring calendar.