Why we aren't taking part in the 'Black Friday Event':

Once again this year, we won't be participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday. With deals upon deals thrown at your inbox from every brand imaginable, it encourages fast fashion culture and impulsive buying which turns into excessive packaging, shipping waste and a massive increase in emissions. ​​​​

This decision aligns with our strong commitment to sustainability and our values. We believe in making mindful choices that benefit both our customers and the planet, and these sales events just don't fit with our ethos.

Some shocking Black Friday facts:

  • Last year in the UK alone, Black Friday was claimed to have emitted 386,243 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the same weight as 3,679 blue whales.
  • The Guardian even revealed that in 2017, a diesel truck left an Amazon fulfilment centre around every 93 seconds!
  • It has been estimated that up to 80% of all the Black Friday purchases we usually make will end up being thrown away after just having been used once or even never at all.

We're always here to help you find high-quality, sustainable products throughout the year, and we appreciate your support in our journey towards a more eco-conscious future.

Our alternative to a sale:

Spread the joy of giving with our gift cards. It's the perfect way to let your loved ones choose exactly what they want. You can purchase gift cards at a discounted price:

£100 Gift Card for just £80!

£50 Gift Card for only £40!

Our gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. You can send them straight away to the recipient or to yourself to print out at home and give to them in person. Plus, our gift cards have no additional processing fees.