Heading to the white-sand beaches of Ibiza and getting ready to have a blast while you dance poolside?

Before jetting off, make sure that you’ve packed everything you need! Put together your own personal Ibiza packing list so that you don't run the risk of forgetting any essential items. Prepare for all kinds of scenarios, so you can ensure a good time with no worries!

Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear What to pack for a trip to Ibiza blog post - item 1 bikinis! Two models lounge on sunbed next to a pool enjoying the sunshine in Tide and Seek bikinis.

1. BIKINIS! Of course and lots of them!

When travelling to Ibiza, you definitely need more than one bikini to be pool party ready. Of course, Tide + Seek has all the unique, entertaining prints for you girls to stand out from the crowd!


With our wide selection of high-waisted, cheeky cutclassic, and other styles of bikini bottoms, as well as our functional yet flirtatious bikini tops that enhance your tan, you may switch up your appearance every day.


2. Cute Beach Cover-ups.

Beach cover-ups are must-haves for your next Ibiza holiday. With its Mediterranean climate and dry summers, packing layers of light clothing is the best way to keep you cool and protected from the sun's harsh rays, not to mention the strong winds.


Mix up your wardrobe with beachy pieces such as kimonos and maxi dresses - perfect for throwing on when you're on your way to or from the beach!

Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear what to pack for a trip to Ibiza blog post - image 2 beach cover ups - woman on the beach with the sea behind her wearing a sheer sea foam green beach cover up dress
Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear what to pack for a trip to Ibiza blog post - image 3 sunglesses - close up of woman wearing round birds sunglasses with light blue sky background with fluffy clouds.

3. Sunglasses

When headed to Ibiza for a getaway, sunglasses are essential- that way, you can enjoy the sights without squinting.


Birds has a stylish selection of eyewear made from bio-acetate that is biodegradable and better for the environment than traditional acetate. With such fabulous eyewear, you'll have amazing holiday style and be doing your part to make the world more sustainable! 

4. Reef Safe Suncream!

Suncream, love it or hate it, it’s a beach must-have. We all want a tan but we don't want a nasty sunburn that'll haunt you for a week! 


Gone are those days of buying plastic bottles of suncream that will end up in landfills and potentially in the oceans when you can get yourself a 100% recyclable suncream from Amazinc


Amazinc is also reef safe which is a big deal especially when spending the long days dipping in and out of the sea.

Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear what to pack for a trip to Ibiza blog post - image 4 Reef Safe suncream/sun screen, product shot of Amazinc Mineral Sun Screen with a plain background with white marble table top and prop of a little cactus.
Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear what to pack for a trip to Ibiza - image 5 beach towel, tide and seek model laying on a saved by the bell beach towel wearing matching bikini top and holding a Polaroid camera over her eye look up smiling.

5. Stand out Beach Towel.

Be sure to grab our retro 80's inspired beach towel before heading to the sandy shores of Ibiza! Our fabulous beach towel is our newest addition to the Saved by The Bell Collection and will be the softest and brightest on the beach. 

6. Comfortable Shoes.

Pack the right shoes for your trip to Ibiza!


Aside from other essentials, be sure to bring along your favourite sandals and flats. Comfort is key when it comes to exploring the island – make sure your shoes are suitable for outdoor activities while allowing you to keep up with the vibrant atmosphere of Ibiza as well. 


Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear Ibiza packing list what to pack for a trip to Ibiza - image 6 shoes - birds eye view of the floor with close up tanned legs wearing sandals and wicker handbag.
Tide and Seek Sustainable Swimwear Packing List what to pack for a trip to Ibiza, item number 7, shorts. Picture of a close up of the back of a pair of 501 denim Levi shorts

7. Demin Shorts.

If you're looking for the perfect outfit for your Ibiza nightlife adventure, there are plenty of great options!


Denim shorts and a cute top are always a classic look, or opt for a mini dress and some heels or flats. For something more casual that still has style, pair your favourite swimsuit or bikini with a pair of OG  Levi's 501 denim shorts — it's the perfect look for those who want to go from sunbathing throughout the day to hitting up bars in town in the evening.

We would love to see all your holiday pics of you jetting off on your adventures in your Tide + Seek swimwear!

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