Let's face it! The ever growing problem of plastic waste is seriously building up in the world around us. 

The effect of producing, using and throwing away plastic without thought is causing pollution of all elements; air, earth and water. Leaving our beautiful world on the tipping point into the flames of ruin if nothing is done! 

An amazing campaign we found out about, created by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a small team in local government in Western Australia, is now one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the world called 'Plastic Free July'!

It is a wonderful way to make yourself more self-aware of the use of plastic items on a day to day basis. The challenge guides us to see that a plastic-free future is a better future. 

The goal is to reduce your use of plastic or even (as the name suggests) go completely plastic-free for the whole of July! After taking part, you'll think twice about using plastic as it will be at the forefront of your mind, making you more aware of the problem. And to spread the message!

Join us on our journey to a cleaner world!

The Effects of Plastic! All the Facts and Figures.

If you were to close your eyes and imagined the sea what would you think of?

Beautiful fish swimming around the vibrant coral and seaweed as it dances in the current, surrounded by clear blue water? Unfortunately within 30 years, this image might just be a fond memory.

The horrifying fact is if no changes are made to reduce the use and production of plastic, by 2050, there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish...

According to Prevented Ocean Plastic, 1.1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine life are killed by plastic each year. Not only that but 90% of all birds and fish have plastic particles inside their stomachs due to plastic being broken down into tiny pieces in the sea and them consuming it. These Micro-plastics have also been found in our salt, beer and water, especially fish since they are eating, even fruit and veg has been found with some traces of plastic in them.

However, it isn't just our oceans that are taking a big hit from the overproduction of plastic but our O-Zone layer as well. 

Every stage in the making of plastic creates an outrageous amount of carbon emission which in effect escalate climate change with greenhouse gases. Almost 99% of plastic are made by burning fossil fuels which makes up 5% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions.

Day To Day Items You Change To Make A Difference

We have made a little shopping list to get you started on your more-so plastic-free lifestyle!

Most of these things we use daily without thinking too much about it. They may be small changes that you wouldn't believe will make a difference, although, every little bit counts towards a healthier planet in the long run.

- To-go coffee mugs instead of one-use coffee cups.

- Pick the bag free fruit and veg at the supermarket rather than the ones in plastic wrapping.

- Bring a reusable shopping bag with you. 

- Say no to single-use cutlery when having fast food, get some bamboo or metal cutlery sets that you can neatly put in your bag ready for random food cravings!

- Reusable bee wax and cotton food wrap instead of cling film (Or opt for a simple wax food wrap if you are vegan).

- Saving glass jars to use as Tupperware!

- Bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic ones.

- Loose tea leaves (if you are a tea drinker).

- Switch out all your bottled soaps for solid bars for shampoo, conditioner, shower soap and face soap.

- Coconut oil has a million and one uses! Makeup remover, shaving cream, cooking your dinner, it's great.

- Try not to buy from fast fashion brands, buy vintage clothes or from sustainable brands like Tide + Seek!

Giving swimwear which can't be donated to charity a second life!

All the well-loved, broken and worn swimwear you send us is collected by First Mile, a recycling company that re-purposes hard-to-recycle clothing like swimwear as new materials such as insulation, sports equipment filler and carpet underlay.

Save your swimwear from Landfill!

Tide + Seek sustainable swimwear recycle preloved swimwear program - reduce, reuse, recycle.

Go To Plastic Free July’s website to find out more about this incredible challenge! Or Click the link below to go start to the sign-up page on their website.