If you are lucky enough to be heading off on this years Yacht Week, travelling around some of the most beautiful Croatian islands and party all night long or jetting off to the sunny shores of Ibiza with endless days dancing poolside and found yourself wondering, 'Hmm what do I need to take with me?'

You don't want to over pack but then again you don't want that thought nibbling at the back of your mind that you have forgotten something. 

We have compiled a list of ideas of what to pack as well as some fantastic sustainable, eco-conscious brands to support if you need some new holiday essentials.

1. BIKINIS! Of course and lots of them!

To be pool party ready, you need more than one bikini for sure when heading off to Ibiza and especially yacht week! And of course, we have got all the funky, fun prints for you girls to stand out from the crowd and get the party started!

We have so many different styles to change up your look day to day with mixing and matching between high waisted to cheeky and classic bikini bottoms, not to mention our functional but flirty bikini tops which make your tan pop!

Our bikini tops and swimsuits paired with a pair of ride or die demin shorts will create the perfect boat to party look! Giving you the most support whilst dancing the night away and look amazing as you do so.

2. Sandals

When you are on holiday, you are living in your sandals - if your not bare foot  that is. 

Lets face it, the standard beach-bought flip-flops are yet another cause for pollution in our oceans! They might be cheap and cheerful for a short holiday getaway but it won't be long until they break.

Teva, is a sustainable brand with vegan, cruelty free sandals that are super comfortable. They give you that little bit of a platform and a great fashionable addition to your outfit. 

3. Minimal Makeup

When you are in the sun all day everyday, heading coast to coast and beach to bar, you don't want to be wearing heavy makeup in the day.

Plastic Freedom is a fantastic website filled with every product you can imagine yet it is all either plastic free (hence the name), vegan or sustainable in some way shape or form. And with that they have a lot of fabulous eco-friendly makeup brands, better for the planet as well as light, easy makeup to take with you on the go when you are island hopping.

4. Sunnies -

Sunglasses are a must, of course, you don't want to spend your whole holiday squinting.

Birds frames use Bio‑acetate which is better for the environment and biodegradable. Unlike traditional acetate, bio‑acetate is made without the use oil‑based plasticisers.

Have fabulous eyewear and helping make a better, more sustainable world... What more could you want!

5. The perfect beach fit: Demin Shorts!

Throw on a pair of OG Levi's 501 original demin shorts over any swimsuit or bikini and you have a look that is timeless! The most convenient look for girls on the go, spending the day sunbathing and then heading into a beautiful town or city to explore and shop or even hitting some local bars. 

You can't go wrong with a pair of good sustainable demin shorts. Levi's are made to last, buy once and they will be with you for years or even generations!

As a large worldwide brand, it is amazing to see how transparent they are about the industry being a massive problem for climate change, as well as showing how they are continuously taking steps to make Levi's more sustainable. 

Learn more. 

6. Beach towel - Saved by the bell beach towel

Be sure to grab our retro 80's inspired beach towel before heading to the sandy shores of Ibiza! Our fabulous beach towel is our newest addition to the Saved by The Bell Collection and will be the softest and brightest on the beach. 

7. Tote Bag

The 21st century's version of the iconic bottomless Mary Poppin bag - a tote bag! 

Our fabulous 'SUSTAINABILITY LOOKS GOOD ON YOU 'tote bag is an every day must as well as a bag for life, not just for a holiday!

Proudly show you're passion for sustainability with our slogan across the front of the bag with a stunning mermaid illustration to catch everyone's eyes. These tote bags are ethnically made, with organic cotton farmed without pesticides and only natural methods. Grab yours here!

8. Reef Safe Suncream!

Suncream, love it or hate it, it’s a beach must-have. We all want a tan but we don't want a nasty sunburn that'll haunt you for a week! 

Gone are those days of buying plastic bottles of suncream that will end up in landfills and potentially in the oceans when you can get yourself a 100% recyclable and vegan suncream from Amazinc

Amazinc is also reef safe which is a big deal especially when spending the long days dipping in and out of the sea.

We would love to see all your holiday pics of you jetting off on your adventures in your Tide + Seek swimwear!

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