What should you consider when choosing a bikini for surfing?

When it comes to surfing, having the right gear is essential!

And that includes choosing the right swimwear and especially when it comes to a bikini. But with so many options available, how do you know which one is best for you?

Here are some factors to consider:

1. Material with Sun Protection

Look for bikinis made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the rigors of surfing. Opt for fabrics like Repreve that are quick-drying and provide good stretch, allowing you to move freely in the water. 

Spending long hours under the sun surfing the waves, looking for bikinis that offer UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is a must! To shield your skin from harmful UV rays and this added sun protection can help prevent sunburn and reduce the risk of skin damage. 

All of Tide + Seek's swimwear is 50+ UV protected as well as sea water protected to keep your swimwear looking bright and colourful to stand out in those waves. 

2. The Fit: Support & Coverage

A well-fitting bikini is crucial for surfing. It should stay in place and provide enough coverage to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. Our Surf Bralette's are THE bikini top for surfing, hence the name of course! With crossed straps at the back to avoid those awkward straps slipping down when paddling out back. Also, they can be adjusted to ensure a secure and comfortable supportive fit. 

For our bigger busted ladies out there, it can be hard to find a support bikini top that you can feel secure in whilst battling with the waves. Our Fitness Bikini Top has a robust style which means that it will stay in place in the surf with it's thick straps and extra band underneath the bust to add extra support. Not only that but it can double up to be used as a yoga or sports bra. 

While you want a bikini that stays in place, you also want to feel comfortable and confident. Consider your personal preference for coverage. Some surfers prefer more coverage such as our classic cut bikini bottoms or fitness bikini top for added protection, while others opt for minimal coverage for better mobility with our surf bralettes and cheeky bikini bottoms.

3. Design

While functionality is key, choose a bikini that reflects your personal taste and makes you feel good. We have created stylish swimwear that offers all the necessary features for surfing without compromising on style with fabulous shapes and unique vibrant prints.

Try to avoid any swimwear that has any decorative beads or zips at the front as when you are laying down on your surfboard it could become quite uncomfortable and dig into your skin. 

What swimwear to wear under a wetsuit? 

Yes, wearing a swimsuit under a wetsuit is recommended. It provides an extra layer of protection and prevents direct contact between your skin and the wetsuit material, which can cause discomfort and chafing. But not all swimsuits are suitable for wearing under a wetsuit.

1. One-Piece Swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit is a popular choice for wearing under a wetsuit. It offers full coverage and ensures that everything stays in place while you're in the water. Look for a swimsuit made of quick-drying and stretchable fabric for maximum comfort.

2. Bikini

If you prefer a two-piece option, a bikini can be a good choice. Opt for a bikini top with secure straps and a bottom with a snug fit. This will prevent any wardrobe malfunctions and provide freedom of movement.

3. Rash Guard 

A rash guard is a versatile piece of swimwear that can be worn alone or under a wetsuit. It offers protection against the sun, abrasions, and jellyfish stings. Choose a rash guard with a snug fit to prevent it from riding up while wearing a wetsuit.

4. Surf Leggings!

We have another fantastic option if you wanted to surf without a wetsuit if it is too hot but don't want to get sun burnt why not try out our surf leggings. Alternatively these can also be worn under the the wetsuit itself as our leggings are ultra thin, to reduce any chaffing, rubbing and an extra layer of protection from the elements. Also, the surf leggings are quick drying and perfect for yoga! So, you can go straight from the sea to a zen yoga sesh.

Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear blonde model wearing gone wild animal print handmade scrunchie girl going surfing wearing gone wild bikini and hair scrunchie

Where to buy good surf swimwear?

 Tide + Seek Sustainable Swimwear of course! 

All of our swimwear is designed by a avid surfer herself, all the styles have been tried and tested against the waves so you can trust you will be full supportive against the unpredictable ocean.

A little tip!

Looking after your swimwear after being in the sea is a big key to keeping your favourite surfing bikini or swimsuit in the best condition so it lasts you as long as possible!

Check out our garment care guide to find out how to take care of your Tide + Seek swimwear.