Just a Barbie Girl, Living in a Barbie World.

With the up-and-coming release of the 2023 Barbie Movie, we have been obsessed with all the sneak peeks of the film we have been getting from the trailer!

The star-studded cast looks so impressive and not to mention the incredible costumes Margot Robbie is rocking as Barbie herself. Looks like something that comes right from our childhood.

An iconic look that screams Tide + Seek is from a scene of Barbie and Ken roller skating beside Venice Beach. The electric-coloured swimsuit over the top of neon pink biker shorts and highlighter yellow knee pads called to us.

At Tide + Seek, we have the perfect pieces to help you recreate this iconic look. Our Saved By The Bell print features hints of pink, yellow, and blue that match Barbie's outfit, while our Cosmic Bolt Swimsuit captures the vivid blues and pinks that Barbie always looks incredible wearing.

Accessories to add to look like a true Barbie doll, wear one of our matching scrunchies, hoop earrings and a mulit-coloured visor. If you are feeling really brave, put on those roller skates!

Don't miss the chance to channel your inner Barbie and make a statement with your style!

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Cosmic Bolt - Classic Cut Swimsuit


Cosmic Bolt - Scrunchie


Saved By The Bell - Classic Swimsuit