Hey fellow water enthusiasts and festive souls!

If you've got a wild swimmer in your life, you know they're all about embracing the chill and making a splash. This Christmas, why not gift them something that makes their watery adventures even more enjoyable?

We've put together the ultimate wild swimming Christmas gift guide to ensure your selection matches with their love for open water.

1. Portable Changing Mat:

Transforming out of soggy gear is a breeze with the portable changing mat. It's like a cozy little space that not only keeps things practical but also ensures warm and clean feet for the post-swim adventure. 

Introducing the Moonbag –  crafted for effortless transitioning between wet and dry clothes. Simply open the bag, bid adieu to your damp, muddy attire, and cinch the drawstring to magically transform it into a tidy, compact bag. It's innovation meets convenience for the wild swimmer on the move.

2. Funky Swim Leggings:

Tide + Seek Swim Leggings of course!

As the air and waters chill, these leggings are the perfect extra layer, not only for everyday wear but especially for those invigorating cold water dives. Designed with the wild swimmer in mind, these leggings provide an additional layer over swimwear, boasting quick-drying capabilities, UPF 50+ sun protection, and resilience against chlorine and saltwater.

Beyond the world of swimming, these leggings double as versatile activewear, ideal for yoga or other fitness activities. Plus, they come in three standout prints that ensure you stand out from the crowd. 

3. Waterproof bag:

Specially crafted fully waterproof roll-top bag by Wild Moose, made from recycled fabric, is a game-changer for beachgoers and adventurers. Its design, tailored for outdoor swimmers, ensures easy access and organised rummaging with pop-out internal dividers, while the spacious interior accommodates changing robes or other large items.

The vibrant colours not only add a touch of flair but also provide visibility from the water. Equipped with a dedicated rip-stop dry bag for wet swim gear, this bag keeps essentials dry, and its clever insulated pocket is perfect for a winter hot water bottle or keeping picnic sandwiches fresh in warmer months.

4. Seaside-Inspired Jewellery:

Seaside-inspired jewellery is a beautiful way to bring a little bit of the beach into everyday life. It is a way to keep the memories of days spent swimming in the sea close at hand, even when one is far away from the coast.

If you are looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for the wild swimmer in your life, consider Pineapple Island. The variety of styles and materials available means that there is something for everyone, whether they prefer delicate and dainty pieces or bold and statement-making items.

5. Woolly Hat:

Embrace warmth and style with a woolly hat, a must-have for chilly days by the water. Whether it's adorned with playful patterns or classic designs, it's the perfect accessory to keep them snug.

Some swimmers choose to wear a woolly hat to keep warmth from escaping if they know they are going to be keeping their head out of the water. A good choice is the Passangers which is made from a soft blend of recycled polyester and yarn to keep your head warm and toasty.

6. Changing Robe:

This snuggly haven is like a warm, fuzzy hug, designed for quick and easy changing, offering the privacy and warmth every wild swimmer craves. We recommend Red, unleash your style with a fashion-forward changing robe featuring a bold colour-clash design, all while championing sustainability by utilising unused and excess fabrics.

The waterproof shell keeps outdoor elements at bay, ensuring a dry and warm experience. Its soft, moisture-wicking lining not only provides insulation but also dries quickly. Despite being spacious for easy changing, the robe remains lightweight, so it won't weigh you down. A versatile multi-use companion, it's perfect post-swim, post-sport, or for a casual stroll in unpredictable weather.

7. Wild Swimming Beginner's Guide:

An introduction to wild swimming, with practical advice, safety tips and health benefits, as well as inspiring quotes, useful resources and not to mention absolutely stunning illustrations. This guide is perfect for those wishing to dip their toe into the glorious pursuit of wild swimming in lakes, rivers, pools, waterfalls and the sea.

Written by wild swimming enthusiast Flora Jamieson and with Gemma Koomen’s charming illustrations throughout, this is a great gift for both the novice wild swimmer or experienced dipper.

Shop Wild Swimming Guide Here

8. Insulated Water Bottle:

YETI insulated water bottles! These bottles are like magic for all-weather adventurers, keeping drinks warm in the winter chill and refreshingly cool during those sun-soaked summer swims. Crafted with YETI's legendary durability, they're ready for any splash, ensuring a reliable hydration partner for every winter dip or summer splash.

The festive bonus? The wide mouth makes it easy to sip on hot cocoa or any favourite holiday beverage, spreading warmth and cheer. Give the gift of year-round hydration joy with YETI—because every wild swimmer deserves a splash of magic this Christmas!

9. Game Changing Hot Water Bottle:

Elevate your post-swim relaxation game with a hot water bottle that's a total game-changer. It's not just for warming up after a winter swim – it's like a cozy hug on demand.

It is also very important after a chilly dip to get warm quickly! We've found the perfect, handmade gift for this, Pothies, Cosymajig – a chic and comfortable hot water bottle carrier crafted from organic and ethical cotton fabrics. This lightweight accessory not only feels fantastic but also looks fabulous. Featuring fully adjustable straps, you can wear it on your front or back, providing comfort and warmth wherever you need it most. Plus, enjoy the added convenience of a pocket to keep your hands warm. 

10. Ear Plugs:

This Christmas, gift the wild swimmer in your life the joy of uninterrupted aquatic bliss with Happy Ears earplugs. Available in sizes small, medium, and large, these earplugs boast a unique oval shape and a short, soft stem meticulously designed to replicate the inner ear canal for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Crafted in Sweden from post consumer ocean plastics, these earplugs guarantee the highest quality.

Users can enjoy a full year of daily use from a single pair, while occasional use, whether for concerts, swimming, or taming the lawn, promises lasting protection for many years. Give the gift of peace and tranquillity in and out of the water with Happy Ears—the perfect stocking stuffer for the wild swimmer on your list!

There you have it – our wild swimming Christmas gift guide designed to elevate the experience for those who are passionate about open water. Whether they're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the adventure, these gifts promise to make their holiday season memorable.

Happy swimming and joyful gifting!