To all you Salty Souls out there,

We are just popping on here to update you on the past, present and future of Tide + Seek.

Killacourt, Newquay Store


As announced previously over on our Instagram our Killacourt store is now closed permanently, with our last day in the store already been and gone on the last day of September 2022.

The iconic little pink shop was painfully painted back white (to the best of our ability!), and back to a blank canvas for the next business to take on.

The last year and a half of having the shop and it being our first ever physical store has been an incredible experience and we have learnt a lot from it. It especially opened our eyes to new avenues we want to explore and also what designs to develop when it comes to the sizes, shapes and styles of our swimwear and activewear. 

The best part of having the shop by far was seeing the beautiful women from all walks of life in person, trying on our swimwear and hearing how you feel in them.

All of the support, meant a lot to us, we appreciated every person who showed interest in Tide + Seek, whether you bought a swimsuit or bikini, just asked about how the swimwear is made, showed your enthusiasm over our prints or just came for a little chat about the brand or us. Every interaction with the brand was meaningful to us, so a huge thank you for showing us love and kindness.

You may wonder why we chose to close the store and stay online. The main reason is that we will be having a new bigger and better located flagship store in 2023. But more on that to come. 



​​​​​​​​For 2023, we won't be bringing out any new prints.

Why are we doing this?

We don't want to fall into the bad habit of bringing out new collections every spring/summer. We are a slow fashion brand and want to promote that slow fashion should be the way forward.

Although, we will be restocking some very well loved collections we already have online now!

So, if the sizes you want are out of stock at the moment, sign up to our newsletter if you haven't already because the newsletter subscribers are the first to know when restocks happen as well as exclusive discounts and sales that you don't get through our socials. 


The Next Chapter For Tide + Seek


When one door closes, bigger and better ones open! 
We have a very exciting new venture coming next year that is a new chapter for Tide + Seek, something we have never done before. 

Unfortunately, this is all we can tell you at the moment as everything is still very much in the early stages.

So, keep your eyes on Tide + Seek socials for 2023!