In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of brands owned by women which we love to see. These empowering women entrepreneurs have not only broken through the glass ceiling but have also created products that have gained a loyal following.

It's time we celebrate these women-led brands and the impact they have made on the industry. From fashion to beauty, food to technology, women-owned businesses are taking the world by storm.

Join us as we explore and honour some of the most inspiring female-led brands that are changing the game.

Blog post about female owned businesses written for Tide and Seek Sustainable swimwear - image of a woman wearing white top and OHNE period pants in orange with the name of the brand 'OHNE' written across the image in orange.


Ohne is a team of eco-warriors, sex-positive advocates and self proclaimed leopard print enthusiasts who create the brand of new age period products! 

At its core, Ohne embodies a few fundamental beliefs: a commitment to genuine and unfiltered self-expression, a dedication to complete bodily autonomy for all, and a passion for destigmatising menstrual and sexual health.

Initially, the brand began as a small enterprise that focused on producing 100% organic and eco-friendly tampons and pads. However, with the introduction of their Core Collection of fashionable and comfortable period pants, Ohne realised that they had stumbled upon a unique and innovative product.

Check out Ohne's products here.


Gracie & Sophie Tyrrell, sisters and founders of Squirrel Sisters an award-winning, no added sugar snacking brand which was established back in 2015.

This was also the year Sophie was diagnosed with a potentially life threatening heart condition, which led to her giving up sugar.

These sisters have banded together to advocate for healthier eating habits with their NO ADDED SUGAR products. After seven years since their launch, they now proudly own the sole brand in the UK featuring a entire line of snacks with no added sugar. 

Find out more about Squirrel Sisters

Blog post about female owned businesses written by Tide and Seek sustainable swimwear  - image of squirrel sisters healthy snack bars with the name squirrel sisters written across the image in white writing.
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3. KIWI & CO

In the midst of the pandemic in June 2020, Kiwi & Co was established and flourished amidst the chaos.

With a small team of three women connected by their passion for fashion, Kiwi & Co aimed to offer more than just a shopping destination. Their goal is to create a community, a safe space where you can be your authentic self while enjoying their brand.

Find unique pieces that elevate your closet! Vibrant colours and patterns of knitwear, tops, dresses and much more.

Shop till you drop - check out Kiwi & Co's latest collection.


Meet Laura Mallows, the founder and creator of Mallows Beauty. She took the world by storm through her positive body TikTok's, showing her personal struggles with her skin and normalizing that we all do have stretchmarks, spots and bumpy bits.

Her skincare line is dedicated to self-love and being 100% real! Real skin, real bodies, real problems and definitely NO Photoshop. The message the brand promotes is 'instead of being faced with insecurities you need to fix', her products will 'treat' your mind, body and soul.

All of her packaging has little stories of her inside knowledge into mental well-being, skin care, body positivity and a little compliment or two to empower you whilst using her lush products. 

Mallows Beauty also donates 5% of all profits to mental health charities which is incredible!

Blog post about female owned businesses written by Tide + Seek Sustainable Swimwear - image of owner of Mallows Beauty, Laura Mallows sat in a bright pink bath with pink balls inside the bath in an office wearing bubble pink roller-skates. The writing over top of the image says 'Mallows Beauty'.
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The 25-year-old Grace Beverly is the founder of the sustainable fitness label TALA while still studying at the University of Oxford.

The aim of TALA is to provide high-quality, sustainable activewear that delivers performance, fit, and style without an expensive price tag.

Founder, Grace, realised that though she could find sustainable options for everyday clothing, the same couldn't be said for activewear. She found that the typical options of rental and pre-owned clothing didn't quite fit the bill when it came to activewear. With that in mind, she solved this issue herself, creating the fashionable yet ethical brand of TALA which had £6 million in sales within the first year!

Shop the TALA collection here.

6. A.A.K.S

Meet Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, the founder of A A K S, which is dedicated to highlighting the exceptional weaving skills of Ghana's women.

Her mission is to promote ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion industry while encouraging responsible consumption.

The A A K S design philosophy revolves around three core principles: prioritising craftsmanship in their designs, ensuring ethical and sustainable values are upheld throughout the production cycle, and delivering a unique finished product that is never mass-produced.

Discover more about A A K S bags and the story behind the brand.

Blog post about independent female owned businesses in UK written for Tide and Seek Sustainable Swimwear - Image of owner of 'Catch The Sunrise' jewellery wearing all white with white text over the top saying 'Catch The Sunrise'.


Catch the Sunrise was created by Sami Mauger, all from a spontaneous decision to join a friend on a silversmith course and simply fell in love with the craft.

With that, she was hooked, secured a space in a creative studio and bought all her tools.

All the pieces are sterling silver, created by hand and with love. Each wave ring, necklace and bracelet are as unique as you are. This design celebrates the idea that we are all perfectly imperfect and reminds us to embrace the ebb and flow of life. 

Check out the CATCH THE SUNRISE website to see more of their wonderful jewellery. 


Emily Scott is an incredible chef with her own restaurant on the sea wall at Watergate Bay as well as the author of Sea & Shore: Recipes and Stories from a Kitchen in Cornwall. To Emily, less is more! Celebrating a hand full of seasonal ingredients and letting them take the spotlight. 

The Cabinet Office commissioned Emily to curate a special dinner for royalty and world leaders at the Eden Project during the G7 summit. This was a groundbreaking moment for Emily and her team, as she became the first woman to cook for Western world leaders.

Check out Emily Scott's Kitchen Journal or shop her fantastic cookbook, even book yourself a table at her restaurant!

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Blog Post about top ten independent female owned businesses written by Tide and Seek Sustainable swimwear - image of Once Upon a Tuesday 2023/2024 calendar with 'Once Upon a Tuesday' written across the image in lemon yellow


During the first 2020 lockdown in Cornwall, Michele Ferron began designing calendars as a creative outlet and to help her stay organized.

Recognizing a need for on-trend, eco-friendly designs, she set out on a mission to craft calendars that are both visually appealing and highly functional.

Once Upon a Tuesday's goal is to step away from technology (while still embracing it), strengthen relationships, and honour friendships by cherishing life's special moments. A beautiful calendar is one such accessory that can add a touch of elegance as well as a pop of colour and fun to any home or workspace.

Get ready to be organised in style with Once Upon a Tuesday.


Bethan started Mother Roots, a brand of non-alcoholic drinks, after realizing the lack of options for non-drinkers during her first pregnancy.

She spent two years developing each flavor, bringing wine aperitif making techniques to the world of alcohol-free drinks.

She discovered switchels - apple cider vinegar drinks - and found they replaced the acidity, length and depth of flavour she missed from wine.

Mother Roots offers a unique and delicious alternative for those who choose not to drink, with a focus on providing a truly satisfying drinking experience.  You can take a moment to unwind after a long day, or chat with friends over their aperitifs, which provide the perfect opportunity to savour the moment without any limitations.

Try your very own Mother Root!

Blog Post top ten independently owned female businesses written by Tide and Seek sustainable Swimwear - image of Mother Root London Marmalade switchel bottle next to tumbler with ice and orange slice in. Blood orange background with 'Mother Root' in white written over the top.